Gluten Free

The Village EmporiumWhen our son was diagnosed as a Coeliac at age 2, one of our biggest worries was, “would we be able to eat out?” We could control any contamination at home but we were concerned people wouldn’t take as much care in the preparation of our son’s food as we would and/or would wait staff and chef think that we were just being fussy.

We can honestly say there have been some great and some not so great experiences. We have been assured that a meal is gluten free only to have our son become very ill from ingesting gluten. Our observation is that wait staff and/or the chef are often unaware that even the smallest amount of gluten can cause a severe reaction.

When we created ‘The Village Emporium’ we were determined to understand and most importantly listen to the needs of our customers especially when it came to their special dietary needs. This is an attitude that is owned by all our staff and significant training has been conducted so all understand that “Gluten Free” means just that.

We are passionate about selecting a wide variety of delicious gluten free ingredients to share with you via our menu and gourmet food shop that everyone can enjoy – many wouldn’t even realise they are eating gluten free.

We have not stated our gluten free options on our menus as we want to take the time to go through our menu with you to ensure your comfort and identify to our staff and chef your individual requirements. Please ask one of our staff to assist you when selecting from the menu.

We look forward to sharing our yummy Gluten Free food with you.