Coffee & Tea

It is mostly the simple things in life that make us happy and sipping on the perfect cup of coffee or tea should be no exception.

Our customers can enjoy our coffee and teas in both our cafe and in the comfort of their home with take home packs available from the store.


At the Village Emporium we use Grand Cru coffee beans. Grand Cru is French for great growth — it refers to an estate or a region with optimal growing conditions, from the world’s best coffee plantations.

The Grand Cru beans are an elegant, balanced blend for the modern Australian. Created from only the finest seasonal beans, this blend is bursting with beautiful citrus fruits, with a gentle acidity and characteristics recognised by all coffee connoisseurs.



The days of the humble cup of tea are no longer but brewing a quality cup of tea is often forgotten about by many cafes given their focus on coffee.  A perfect cup of tea is all about having a good quality tea, the right accessories and brewing for the optimal amount of time at the right temperature.

Our team is trained to brew a perfect cup of tea. We have a wide selection of quality loose leaf teas for our customers to experience from Black, Green, Herbal, Chai or a refreshing ice tea on a hot  summers day.

The Village Emporium teas unlike many commercial brands contain no artificial flavours or preservatives which are a very important aspect for many of our customers combined with the numerous health benefits obtained by drinking tea.